Good Graze: Our Story

Good Graze: Our Story

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Constructed on the cornerstones of conscious consumption, preventive care, conservation practices and cultural preservation, the heart of Good Graze lies in the beautiful district of Sindhudurg, an eco-cultural gem in Maharashtra. Five generations, 170+ acres of land and an expansive coconut grove led to the culmination of a boutique, zero-waste concept cemented on the ideology of quality and authenticity.


The founders deep-dived into a business model that would allow them to give back to their wonderful land, the people who associate with the land, and the culture that runs through their veins. The vision for the project was aimed at the conversation of the legacy of the ‘padekars’, the coconut pluckers, and the consequent upliftment of the local community.


After having consumed their regional produce at home for decades, Good Graze decided to present a clean and honest coconut brand to the Indian subcontinent. For generations on end, Ayurveda has championed the versatility of this superfood that simultaneously nourishes one’s gut, skin, and hair. A cold-pressed coconut oil, coconut sugar and desiccated coconut are some of their introductory offerings, allowing consumers a chance to experience their range in a variety of forms.


Demarcated as one of the primary eco-sensitives zones in India, the care and upkeep of the estate are of grave importance to them. Good Graze is at the apex of transparency and quality checks while advocating sustainable farming practices that are not only beneficial to the farmers but also replenish the land ethically.


Furthermore, it is surrounded by an expanse of natural spring water as part of their plantation which in turn amplifies the quality of the yield consistently.


The coconut trees planted on the grove are of the oldest kind of variety, Banavali & Pratap, and also act as a founding base to other hybrid varieties of the fruit. The constant use of spring water, the passionate upkeep of the area, consistent rainfall in the region and mindful farming practises allow 2700 coconut trees to thrive year on year. On average, a coconut palm in Sindhudurg typically yields 100 coconuts per annum.


An authentic and traditional brand at both, product and heart, Good Graze combines the richness of the fruit with the discipline of the yielding process, offering a new standard for pure, fresh and natural products to its consumers.