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Coconut Chutneys

There's something for everyone at Good Graze with our range of 4 eclectic chutneys.

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I have been using Good graze products ever since I discovered them at the Namu Recommends vegan market and I must tell you that I have been a fan of the caramelised coconut chips , they have been dried to crispy perfection and makes it a perfect snack for me . The bottle packaging prevents it from breakage and I love adding them on smoothies , cereal and even as a snack in my little one’s school dabba. Special mention to the coconut sugar too it’s top notch in quality and is a must in my pantry

GAURAVI VINAY, ACSM Certified Clinical Nutrionist

I’ve been using good graze coconut sugar, jaggery cubes, oil, chips & the butter for about a year now in various recipes and i can honestly say I love it all! My family has also switched from their white sugar to coconut sugar and it’s become a staple in our family. The effort and consistency being put in to ensure quality products is amazing to see!

AYUSHI SHAH, Functional Health Practitioner

As a chef focused on holistic eating, I’m always on the lookout for healthier alternatives to staples. I’d tried coconut sugar in the past, but was disappointed with both the flavour as well as sandy texture and wrote it off. That was until I tried Good Graze’s coconut sugar that has a pleasant flavour and great texture, and makes for an excellent substitute for sugar in many applications.


I've thoroughly enjoyed using Good Graze's coconut sugar as an alternative to regular sugar. Its rich, caramel-like sweetness enhances my baked goods without overpowering them. Their toasted coconut chips are delicious and crunchy, and I add them regularly to my breakfast bowls! Good Graze products are fantastic for anyone looking for delicious, natural alternatives to traditional sweeteners and snacks. Highly recommended!

ELIZABETH ISSAC, Founder Gunam Beauty

The products are extraordinary and my go to items are coconut sugar, butter and the red chutney! Sugar I regularly use its natural and useful in a lot of ways. Chutneys I tried for the first time and it’s a great thing u don’t have to really make efforts easy to make tasty to eat they are ❤️


My fav pantry staple! I made the switch almost over 2 years ago from white sugar to Coconut Sugar especially for my coffee and now I don't think I'll be going back to white sugar! It is so delicious, comforting that is perfect for coffees and even chai. It is exceptionally good in desserts too. It has a lower glycemic index and contains some nutrients like iron, zinc, and antioxidants. Good Graze's coconut sugar is minimally processed, and retains more nutrients, so it's def my go-to! It has such a rich, caramel-like flavor that adds a delicious touch to my morning latte.

REESHNA IBRAHIM, Community Head Diaspora Spices