Gut-loving, hormone balancing homemade granola

Gut-loving Homemade Granola

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Ditch the store-bought granola with preservatives, refined sugar syrups, and gut disrupting additives that will spike your blood sugar levels and try making this pantry staple granola instead.

It's good for your gut, good for your skin, and hormone healthy!

All you need to do is:

  • Add the nuts you have in your pantry right now into a bowl along with 1 cup gluten free oats
  • Add date past, Good Graze cold-pressed virgin coconut oil into it and mix well
  • Pop it in the oven for 162 C and let the magic happen over 20 mins
  • Check on it halfway: after 10 mins, take out the tray, turn it around, and pop the other side in (try not to shake it for better clumps)
  • Top it up with Good Graze toasted coconut chips and you're good to go

Recipe for date paste:

  • Take around 6-10 pitted dates 
  • ½ cup of water and blend (can add vanilla and cinnamon for more flavor)

Don't forget to tag @goodgrazeofficial if you decide to good graze your way to healthier snacking choices.